Courtesy of WestonAPrice.

Interesting fact.  There is no vitamin A in plant food.  To clarify, there is no complete vitamin A in plant foods. There are carotenes in plants foods such as carrots. These are precursors to vitamin A. Beta carotene is the one most likely to convert to vitamin A, however, many conditions make that conversion difficult. Infants don’t convert carotenes to vitamin A. And children do so poorly. Even in the best of circumstances, it takes six or more molecules of carotene to produce one molecule of vitamin A. That means one must eat 2kgs/4 1/2 lbs of carrots to potentially consume the amount of usable vitamin A as in 3 oz of beef liver.

Besides liver, true vitamin A is found in cod liver oil, egg yolks; grass-fed meats/bone broth; ghee; raw cream, milk and butter (grass-fed) In fact, vitamin A in butter may be the easiest for our bodies to absorb. And the healthy fats help in a grass-fed Best of the Bone or ghee or butter helps deliver those nutrients.