Putting The Bones In Bone Broth


The Superfood Your Bones Need!

In our modern world, we are seeing an unprecedented focus on health. Gyms, diets and Instagramers are all causing us to shift our thinking to longevity and inner wellbeing. High-intensity exercise has become very popular. The question is, however, what are we doing to protect our bones? Bet you never thought about that! If you’re young and healthy, protecting your bones probably isn’t top of mind. However, it should be.

That’s where bone broth comes in. It’s the healing superfood that’s been trusted for thousands of years. Everyday meals can be transformed into superfoods, by simply adding a teaspoon of our organic bone broth. The best part is, it also adds flavour! That’s right, a superfood that tastes amazing. You could transfer your next meal and do wonders for your bone health.

What Is Bone Broth?

New to bone broth and want to know what all the fuss is about? Let us explain what bone broth actually is. Bone broth is essentially just bones that have been slow cooked for an extended period of time. Usually, this process takes place over approximately 48 hours in a mixture of water and vinegar.

So, what happens to the bones when they are cooked? When the bones are slowly cooked in liquid the natural amino acids and minerals are released. Collagen, an important component of bone broth, is released from the bone marrow and turns into gelatine. Gelatine is a protein-rich substance that has a number of qualities that assist the body in repairing. Collagen also assists the body to keep nails, skin and hair healthy and shiny, giving your entire body the care it deserves.

Get Strength Into Your Bones

Looking to get that brothy health to your bones? Well, let’s have a look at what to eat for bone health. The main ingredient of bone broth is, of course, bones. Bones are where the goodness is at. They are extremely high in vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some of these being; calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Cartlidge inside the bones contains connective tissue – the holy grail of healing. As we already know, when bones are slowly cooked the collagen inside them is released and turned into gelatine. Gelatine provides the body with the building blocks of proteins and amino acids. Bones really are full of goodness!

Bone Broth For Joints

If you’re wondering ‘is eating bones good for you’ let’s first clarify that you don’t actually eat bones in bone broth. So, how does it benefit your joints? Well, it’s inevitable, we all get old. When we start to age the joints that support simple movements begin to wear down. When these joints are put under stress through exercise and everyday movement they are continuously strained.

That’s where collagen comes to the rescue. We know that a key component of bone broth is collagen – which turns into gelatine. So, how does that help our joints? Recent studies have shown that taking a gelatine supplement has been shown to increase the amount of collagen in the tissues protecting the joints from stress.

Wondering if bone broth will provide the nutrition for healing broken bones? Bone broth won’t heal broken bones, however, it will provide your body with the support it needs during your recovery. If you’ve broken a bone there is no harm in using bone broth as a supplement for rebuilding healthy joints.

The best part is, it is so easy to incorporate bone broth into your diet. Bone broth is a delicious snack all on its own – all you have to do is add hot water. However, that’s not the only way you can incorporate bone broth into your diet. Bone broth can be added to a whole variety of soups, stews, casseroles and slow cooked meals.

What Else Is It Good For?

That’s right, it’s not just joints. Bone broth’s benefits start from your hair and end at your feet – see for yourself!

Healing The Gut

Bone broths specialty is the gut, this is where this ancient superfood really shines. Many of us ignore can forget about gut health. We can’t see how it directly affects the rest of our body so we tend to forget about it. However, we think you’ll be surprised to know what the gut actually controls. Did you know that the gut is lined with about 100 million brain cells – that’s a lot! Ever heard the saying ‘I have a gut feeling’? Well, turns out, this is actually true! Our gut is connected to our cognitive function, that’s why it’s known as our ‘second brain’.

Our gut also contributes to mood and, therefore, behaviour. Up to 90% of the whole bodies serotonin is found in the gut. If you don’t know what serotonin is, it’s basically the hormone that controls your mood, appetite, digestion, sleep and even your memory. 50% of the bodies dopamine can also be found in the gut.

So, we think you’ll agree, it’s worth giving your gut every chance to be fighting fit. That’s why it’s important to ensure your gut is getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. We think our broth is the man for the job!

A Strong Gut Is A Click Away

Bone broth is an easy way to supplement your gut with the amino acids it needs for healing damaged intestinal barriers. Bone broth also lends a hand to sufferers of chronic gut health issues such as a leaky gut. Leaky gut prevents proper digestion due to the irritation of the mucosal lining in the intestines. Inflammatory bowel disease is another condition that bone broth bosts assist. Unfortunately, sufferers of inflammatory bowel disease do not get the correct levels of amino acids in their everyday diet, but, bone broth to the rescue.

Just one cup a day could work miracles! Our broth is the best in the business and we deliver straight to your door. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get broth-ing!

Broth for Weight Loss

Yep! Bone broth can assist with your weight loss journey. We all know that sugary foods filled with carbohydrates and empty calories taste good but don’t keep us full for very long at all. What happens when we get hungry again…we go back for more. But, did you know, that consuming protein will keep you fuller for longer? Bone broth is a super simple way to get extra protein into your diet and its also a handy snack. Our bone broth is packaged to fit almost anywhere. So, no matter whether your travelling or heading into work – Best Bone Broth fits in your bag as a handy little snack!

Get The Facts Straight

Helps your body absorb micro and macro-nutrients due to the gelatin and healthy fats (in other words, it makes your good foods even healthier)
Can repair and offer relief for arthritis and osteoporosis
Increases bone density and lean muscle mass
Powerful anti-inflammatory
Heals gut health including colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, and even used as a critical first step to treat Crohn’s Disease and Colitis
Heals gut health including colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, and even used as a critical first step to treat Crohn’s Disease and Colitis
Improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles (overall improvement in skin health)
Improves the immune system
Part of the GAPs diet and FODMAPs friendly

Where Can You Buy This Flavoursome Superfood?

Are you wondering where to get the best locally sourced, tasty and organic bone broth? Well, you’ve found it! We think our bone broth is pretty damn tasty. The best part is, it’s pretty damn healthy too. We source the best grass-fed Aussie organic beef. We slow cook it for 48 hours and nourish it with fresh herbs and spices.

Our recipe extracts the highest amount of nutrients from the bones – we leave nothing to waste! What’s the result? Living gelatine, preserved by naturally evaporated sea salt. And we deliver it straight to your door, free of charge. You don’t even have to leave the house to get your delicious brothy goodness. A healthier you is just a click away!

How To Drink Bone Broth

Now that you know the benefits bone broth could bring to your health, we bet you want to know how and when to drink it? Well, there are no strict rules. Bone broth can be drunk as a snack on its own – simply add hot water! Or, you can add the broth itself to a variety of different recipes. The choice is really yours. There are no right and wrong when it comes to this natural miracle worker.

Bone broth can even be used as a cleanse and is a popular way to detoxify the body.

When To Drink Bone Broth

You can drink bone broth whenever you like! Best Bone Broth comes in a number of different flavours and can be added to so many different recipes! If you’re looking to lose weight, then a bone broth diet plan could be an effective method. Essentially, this is just replacing food intake with bone broth and is usually only done over a small period of time. If you’re planning on using bone broth as a long term supplement then a cup in the morning is always a good idea – but, there are no strict rules. It’s completely up to you!

Is Bone Broth The Same As Stock?

A lot of people get confused when it comes to bone broth and stock. What’s the difference? Well, stock comes from cooking the actual meet. Whereas, bone broth is made from cooking bones. The difference is the properties that are released. As we know, bones contain collagen that is turned into gelatine when cooked for a long period of time. This is where the healthy stuff comes from. Unfortunately, stock from slowly cooking meat does not have the same properties.

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